2021/11/01『The Least Expected Places』

2021/11/01『The Least Expected Places』






“God works in mysterious ways.”
The phrase has become a cliché, and one used more often as joke and sarcasm then as sober analysis. But as with many clichés, there is truth to it.
Biblically, we see stories like Gideon – the smallest of his family sent to lead a meager group of troops against a nation. Or Moses, whom God makes leader of the Israelites not when part of Pharaoh’s household in his prime- the son of a king – but after decades of being a shepherd in the wilderness.
Not the leaders, but fishermen. Not the religious exemplars, but the tax collector. And when God did choose a Pharisee it was the one you would least expect – Paul, deformed, stuttering, and a murderer of Christians.
We tend to look to the most likely places because we believe God thinks or acts like we do.
What is most efficient?
What is most effective?
Who is most skilled?
We look to business models, to big resources, to CEOs, to presidents, to chairpersons, and councilmembers. And we are surprised that the Spirit isn’t moving there.
I do this too. I do this often. I look for students with charisma and energy thinking they can be the next leaders and find that the ones truly being moved by the Spirit are often timid and unassuming, but they are thoroughly convinced of the Gospel’s power and completely unafraid to say it.
And this should be encouraging.
Yes, we sometimes get things wrong by looking to methods and looking for people in the wrong places.
But, this means there is nothing keeping you or me from being used by God. If God is doing the work, His power is in it. And no matter who you are, you can take part in it. You might not be Gideon or Paul, but your impact may mean just as much in the life of your neighbor.

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