2022/05/16『 Three Simple Things 三件簡單的事』

2022/05/16『 Three Simple Things 三件簡單的事』






Our fellowship was talking this week about a pretty heavy topic. The Alpha Course that we are going through uses the slightly softer phrase “How Can I Make the Most of Rest of My life?”

I’ve always preferred Tolkien’s “making the most of the time we are given”. But the question is heavy because we hear in it Piper’s exhortation: “Don’t waste your life.”

As a pastor, I get used to asking the questions. But this time the group turned it around on me. What did I think a good life looked like?

I think a good life, a satisfying life, has three things: engaging work, fruitful ministry, and meaningful relationships.

Work is unavoidable, both by virtue of our need to provide for food and shelter and because of our natural aversion to boredom. Far better, then, that work restore life, or at least not steal it from us.

For the Christian, there is no higher purpose than participating in the work of God’s kingdom and our hearts find encouragement in knowing we are there in the midst of that story.

Relationships make us whole. Or they should, if functioning properly. And though they often take tremendous work, nothing is more fulfilling than pleasant hours with those we love best.

And because God loves us so much, we have the promise that these things that give us joy are a treasure that will be stored for us in Heaven, where neither moth, nor rust, nor thief, nor decay can harm them.

本週我們的團契活動談論到一個相當沉重的主題,Alpha課程使用了稍微溫和的標題,命為 “我如何才能活出精彩的人生?”

我一直很喜歡托爾金曾說過 “充分利用我們所能擁有的時間”。 這是一個很沉重的問題,因為我們聽到了派博博牧師的勸告:“不要浪費你的生命。”







人際關係使我們變得完整,如果關係運作正常,也應當如此。 儘管維持一段關係經常需要耗費大量的心力,但沒有什麼比與我們最愛的人度過愉快時光更令人滿足的了。


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