2021/10/18『Powerful Lies; More Powerful Truths』

2021/10/18『Powerful Lies; More Powerful Truths』






  Over the weekend, I attended a workshop on spiritual healing and heard many people share struggles and seek help.

  One of the central problems people face when in need of healing – not of their bodies, but of their minds, hearts, and spirits – is that they have, somewhere along the way and whether knowing or unknowingly, started to believe lies about themselves.

  The problem then is not that God can’t forgive us- he can and he does.
  The problem is that we often can’t forgive ourselves.
  “What I’ve done is too terrible.” “I’ll never really be able to change.” “I don’t deserve community or friendship.” “I’m not faithful.” “I’m just not good enough.”
「我所做過的事情糟糕透了」 、「我永遠無法真正地改變」 、「我不值得擁有任何社群或友誼」 、「我不是信實的」 、「我就是不夠好」。

  Lies like these will tear us down. They will chain us in place. They will arrest our growth. And the first thing we have to do is identify them, to know them as lies.
  They may be based in some truth – maybe you have done something rather terrible. But any lie that implies you are outside God’s grace, that you are too far gone to receive God’s mercy, is absolutely a lie.
  這些謊言可能是奠基在事實之上-你或許做過一些糟糕的事,但是任何聲音指控或暗示,你無法獲得神的恩典,又或者 你錯得太離譜而無法得到神的憐憫,那些聲音絕對是謊言。

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:1-2)
所以現在,那些在耶穌基督裡的人就不被定罪了;因為生命之靈的律在基督耶穌裡使我自由,脫離了罪和死的律。 (羅馬書 8:1-2 CNV)

  Remember that is Paul saying this. Paul, who killed and persecuted Christians. Paul, who cheered on Stephen’s death.
  Therefore, in the place of powerful lies, hold on to more powerful truths. For there is no condemnation for those in Christ, and if Christ is for you no one can be against you.

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