2022/03/14『A Different Kind of Better 不一樣的更好』

2022/03/14『A Different Kind of Better 不一樣的更好』






“If being a Christian doesn’t make my life better, then what is the point?”

It is a good question. One a student recently asked me.

Because that is usually what we want out of a religion, or a god, or whatever supernatural help there might be. Life can be hard, opportunities limited, and we want any advantage, anything that can help us in our struggle with fate.

Yet, when we talk about a better life, we usually mean things like more money. Maybe not a lot of money, but enough money. Or a beautiful partner. Or respect and fame. If you become a Christian, does God intend to give you those?

No. He doesn’t.

Nothing in the Bible leads us to think that would be true. Some of His greatest followers met gruesome ends. Jesus, God’s own son, was tortured and died on a cross. Peter was crucified upside-down. Paul was executed. In fact, according to tradition, of the most significant disciples and apostles, only John was not killed for his faith. But he lived out his life alone in exile.

No, God doesn’t promise to give you those things. But that doesn’t mean he won’t make your life better.

But you have to accept a new definition of better, a different kind of better.

Better won’t be wealth. Better won’t necessarily be health. Better might not even be happy, in a superficial sense.

With God, better isn’t a cake, it’s an apple a day. Better isn’t a flashy party, it’s a quiet night in the mountains under a blanket of stars. It is deeper. It is fuller. It is hope. It is home.

For Paul, it meant losing status, wealth, power, prestige. It meant setting aside all he had worked for, all the connections he had made.

But he did it, and he didn’t – wouldn’t – look back.




但是,當我們談論「更好的生活」時,我們通常所指的是更多的錢。 也許不是更多錢,但至少是足夠的錢,或者是一個美麗的伴侶,又或者是尊重和聲望。如果你成為基督徒,上帝是否承諾給你這些呢?


聖經中沒有任何內容使我們認為那是真的。 他的一些重要追隨者遭遇了可怕的結局——耶穌,上帝的兒子,被折磨死在十字架上、彼得被倒釘十字架、保羅被處決。 事實上,根據歷史,在最重要的門徒和使徒中,只有約翰沒有因為他的信仰而被殺,但他在流放中獨自終老。

不,上帝不會答應給你這些東西(錢財、尊重、聲望), 但這並不表示祂不會讓你的生活變得更好。



對上帝來說,更好不是指短暫而美好的物質享受,而是真正對屬靈生命有益處的。 更好的不是華而不實的派對,而是群山中的一個安靜的夜晚,星光籠罩。 它是更深、更飽滿的,更好的是盼望,是家。



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